These writings and stories are written by my 8-1 Reading Class for the year 2009-2010.


My First Time At Merl Grove High School

It was a dark and early Monday morning. I had just transferred from Knox College High School and was now about to attend my new school; Merl Grove High. I have heard so much good and wonderful things about it, that made me want to attend it even more. I was very excited that it was my first day attending Merl Grove. My dad drove me to school on that very special day. When I arrived at school I couldn’t get my hands to open the car door, because I was trembling. I was afraid. I felt scared for some reason unknown to me. “What if they don’t like me?” My father looked at me. “They will like you because you’re a great person so just go for it.” After that I finally mustered up the courage to get out of the car.
A teacher pointed us towards the Karram Speid auditorium. It was the biggest auditorium I had ever seen. My dad and I got a seat together and when we looked around , the auditorium was crowded with adults and students. I started to tremble again and my dad looked at me and gave mea comforting smile which gave me my courage back.
The principal Ms. Amy Allen went on the platform and started to address us. After a while she took out a sheet of paper and started to call the children who were seated in the auditorium by there names and the order of which class they were in. When she called my name for the class grade eight one I was shocked and happy at the same time. Mrs. Stephens our form teacher ( as I later found out) directed us to our classroom . After a while when we had settled in my father left. The rest of the day was breath-taking and exciting and to top it off I made more friends than I could ever imagine. My first day at Merl Grove is indeed one to be remembered.

Name: Sukay Palmer
Grade: 8-1
Date: June 11, 2010


One sunny Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in my bedroom thinking of a way to have fun , suddenly I heard my phone ringing , it was my cousin. She told me that she was taking me to a fair and she got my mother’s permission so I must dress quickly. I was so happy I started getting ready instantly. My cousin came and picked me up and we started our journey to the fair.
When I reach the fair I saw the rest of my cousins waiting for me. They were happy to see me and we all began hugging each other. My cousin who took me to the fairsaid she was coming back for me at 6’o clock pm. Another cousin came up with an idea, that we should go on every ride. The first ride we wanted to go on was the roller coaster ride, so we all bought our tickets and joined the line for the ride. Finally we got on the ride. As we started riding I started to feel weak so I let go off the bar. When the ride went over a second time I fell out on my head in the bushes.
I regained consciousness slowly only to discover that I was blindfolded and my legs were tied. I took the blindfold off my eyes only to find myself in a car. The man who was driving the car told me that he was taking me home. I started to wonder, how can a man who don’t know me take me home. I ask the man what is my mother’s name and because he did not know my mother’s name he started to get angry and said “little girl shut your mouth or I will shut it permanently.”
I realized that the man was trying to kidnap me so I used my hands to pull the rope off my feet without the man knowing anything. I suddenly pulled the door and jumped out of the car. The man was trying to chase me but I never stopped running until I reached back to the fair. I saw my cousins looking for me, I told them what happen and I called my aunt. She came for me and I explained everything to her on my way home. When I got home I told my mother everything that had happened and she said, “I will never send you anywhere without an adult supervising you again.”

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