brain3.gif Mindstimulater

This concept was born out of a game I made when I attended college. I had to create a game to stimulate and build students' interest and knowledge for a particular subject. I created the game and named it "mindstimulater", later on at the University, I had a second assignment just like the first one, to create another game. I improved on the idea even though it was for another subject and called the game "mindstimulater II". I thought I would continue using the name, thus, the name of this website. My first experience with website building was with frontpage while doing my first degree.

Welcome to my adventure. I enjoy working with my hands and I will spend long hours working on projects that require a lot of time and concentration. I enjoy working alone and in a quiet place. My dream is to help struggling readers and slow learners to feel comfortable and build inner confidence as they learn and improve one day at a time. I hope someday that I will accomplish my dream to build a website and a few educational softwares/coursewares to help below average learners to improve.

I am aware of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence and I often try to make sure that my plans cater for as many of the learning styles as possible. I enjoy writing poems, making greeting cards, sewing and designing.

I hope the content here will stimulate the minds of all viewers positively and will improve their knowledge. The content posted will be taken from other websites (of course giving credit) as well as from various texts.

My objectives are:

      1. To educate the nations' young and mature minds, challenging and engaging them with new techniques of learning.
      2. To make a positive contribution to the corporate world of business.
      3. To stimulate and engage learners actively, helping them blindly to enjoy what they are doing.