Nation Building- How our Government worksWhat is government?
A government is a body that has the power to make and enforce laws within an organisation or group. It is given or it assumes the power and authority to control and direct the affairs of a society.
A government can be classified in many ways. It varies in the amount of power ordinary people have to influence its decisions. In some societies, people have very little say and these are described as totalitarian or autocracy. On the other hand, governments which give ordinary people a strong influence in what decisions are made are known as democracies.

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Definition of terms:

The Functions of Government.

How the House of Representative Works. House of Representative.jpg
Social Studies Home Workg9.doc This home work is over due. Therefore you have two outstanding home work.
The Structure of Government ---grade9 structure of gov.ppt

May 17-21, 2010 .... Home Work and Powerpoint presentation on The Executive Body of Government.
Please download the home work, print and hand in at the next class.
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For May 23-28, 2010.

May 31, 2010---- Well ladies, based on our limited classtime based on the unforseen happenings you will be required to do a bit more reading on your own for class in preparation for you end of year examination. You will be required to read on your own, the Development of Government in Jamaica (1655-1962), just concentrate on this era. Also Chapeter 5 in your red textbook.

Read on the role of the Ombudsman, leader of Opposition. Also remember to do all my home work and submit them before June 11, 2010.

Do not forget about the list of Ministers of Jamaica and their portfolio assignment. We will revise during the week of June 7-11, 2010. Keep Safe now.