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Topic: Our Ancestors.

Jamaica celebrated 47 years of independence on August 6, 2009. Our motto states “Out of many one people”. Our Island of land, wood and water has a rich and diverse culture. Have you ever wondered why we are so united even with our variations of ethnic groups?

Our relatives in the past are our ancestors. These relatives include our parents, grandparents, our great grandparents and so on. As our motto states"Out of many one people", clearly supports the fact that our ancestors came from differents countries and continents of the world.

Well you will take a journey into the past and explore the history of our ancestors who came to this beautiful country. As you explore you will be like in-service archaeologists and will be responsible for sharing your information on our ancestors with the class as well as your parents. Have fun on your journey and Good Luck? Once you have completed all your task, then my objectives would have been achieved.

Click to begin your journey based on the webquest enclosed. Download to view the quest. Web_Quest.ppt or Web_Quest.pdf or Web_Quest.ppsx