N.B. The successful completion of this assessment is a requirement for certification of this training.
The assessment is divided into TWO (2) sections Group and Individual Assessment. Trainees are encouraged to complete the specific tasks immediately following the related lesson.

Group Assessment (50 Marks)
Technology integration has become important component of instruction.
1. In not more than THREE (3) paragraphs analyze the importance of technology integration within the curriculum. (15 Marks)
The analysis should highlight the following:
i. time management
ii. learner needs
iii. collaboration
Click to view document. Group work-assessment.doc

2. (a) Using the Template provided evaluate TWO (2) web-based resources related to your subject area. (See Page 2)
(b) Explain how you would use at least TWO (2) communication tools to support teaching/learning using any area/section from both web-based resources selected in (a). (15 Marks) View question 2 on attached document. Group work-assessment.doc

3. Select a topic from your subject area and use the following to develop a lesson:

a. Webquest (Using Zunal or PowerPoint) **RASTAFARIANISM2.ppt** **RASTAFARIANs.ppsx**
b. Digital Story (20 Marks) Click video below for digistory.