Reading Lessons. February 11, 2010

Your task is create a lesson to teach ten grade 5 students who have never heard about the following topics; main idea, supporting details and sequencing/sequence. You are to write two lesson plans using the format that is provided LESSON_PLANNER-reading[1].doc and LESSON_PLANNER-readingsequence.doc . Your topics are Main Idea and supporting details and sequence. Be sure to plan your activities for your students to do. Come prepared to teach your lesson in the next class we will have.

​Reading Lessons. April 20, 2010

Be sure to read the book, - "Escape to Last Man's Peak"

After reading or re-reading the book, answer the following questions/statements.

  1. What is the book mainly about? Write your answer using one or two sentences.
  2. Write five events from the book to support your answer for question one.
  3. Using just about 8-10 major steps, recall the sequence of the story beginning from the death of the person in charge of the children's home. remember to use key words such as - first, then, next, after, before or last.
  4. What happened why the children decided to make the journey to last man's peak? What challenges did they face and how did they overcome the challenges?
  5. Compare what was life like at the children's home to what is was like once they began their journey. Was it any better?
  6. What do you think the children will do once they reached Trelawny?