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Childrens' reading success depends to a large on the extent on the amount of time and practice that he or she does. It is strongly suggested that each child should read for at least 15 minutes each night. After they read it is good to ask him / her to relay the reading in his or her own words. This will help with their of knowledge. This will also give the listner an idea as to whether or not the reader understands the material he/she reads.

How important is reading?
The importance of reading has not changed or decline even with the increase of technology. Reading is critical for the success of professional and academic work or upliftment. Reading is a lifelong skills once it is achieved. Reading is done everyday from looking at letters, pictures and even the signs along the road way. We read to be abreast with the news and to pursue our own interest. We often read a book or magazines, do crosswords or play scrabble in our leisure time. On the internet books are available for download, books may also be viewed and enjoyed on CDs/DVD and audio tapes.
Parents or adults can help children to understand and see the importance of reading by reading to them on a regular basis. This will gear them in the direction of developing a love for reading.They follow by example and if they see you read then they will become excited about reading themselves. Create the environment at home for reading by having enough reading materials thus initiating the reading act at an early age.

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